Secure documents sharing, selling, analytics & e-signatures

Securely share or sell your documents and files with real-time controls, e-signatures, lead magnets, and insights: usage statistics, alerts and heat maps

Thousands of companies (big and small) who trusted HelpRange include:

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How does it work?

Goodbye attachments, hello links

1. Upload your file

2. Get links to your file or data room:

Public Link.

Private Link. Stats, access controls

Supported document types: PDF, PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt), Word (.docx, .doc), Images (bmp, jpeg, jpg, png, svg, tiff, webp), Text (rtf, txt), Spreadsheet (xls(x), csv, ods, xlr)
Supported "download only" file types: any other file format, including videos.

Increase security

Fine-Grained Access Control

Share only with specific email addresses

Block the ability to download and print

Disallow forwarding

Screenshot Protection (proprietary algorithm)

Restrict access only for set of IPs

Let only one user to view at the same time

Limit number of views

Use end-to-end encryption

Update your document after you hit send (any time)

Revoke access to your file at any time

Set a password and an expiration date

Sell documents

Sell your documents securely

Sell ebooks, pdfs, docs, files via HelpRange

Share payment link and make money

Prevent copying of your sold documents

Let customers access your files by OTP process

Sell documents with one-time payment

Make recurring revenue: use subscription model

Send automatically receipts and invoices

We partner with Stripe for secure payments

No transaction fees!

Fast E-Signatures, No paper work

Sign documents online in your internet browser

Legally binding in US by ESIGN, UETA

Legally binding in EU by eIDAS Regulation

Worldwide regulated by UNCITRAL Model

Fast Authorisation using Email OTP

Save your customers’ time

Lead Magnets

Customise landing page for your files

Put landing page in front of your documents

Use your own company domain name

Customise your landing page: logo, colors, fields

Gather contact info of your files' visitors

Get email address or phone number

Get first name or last name

Get visitors' company name

Get actionable feedback

View how your documents are being used

Check IP, country, referral link of document visitor

Get alert when someone visits your file

Heatmaps: track where people pay attention

Track for how long and what pages were read

Add UTM codes to links and track your sources

Require email for viewing your document

PDF pages
PDF pages

Match your branding

Customise people impression

Use logo of your company

Use your domain name

Set colors to match your branding

Embed document viewer on your website

Install any widget inside document viewer

Let people chat with you from your documents

PDF viewer branding

Automate your process

Use our REST API to automate files sharing

Create secure file links for your customers automatically

Create unique passwords for each of your customers

Set expiration date depending on your customer's plan

Let only one customer to view document at the same time


What customers are saying

Our Sales Team is incredibly excited about HelpRange. We share our initial PDF offers and other marketing materials with HelpRange and it provides so much value by showing in-depth insights about clients’ behaviors. It gives a lot of information how to qualify a given lead and anticipate the sales potential of a given prospect.


Marketing Manager at Boldare

I am already using it for one of my markets. We send out quotations to B2C customers. The decision making process can take a long time (2-3 months on average) so it is very important for us to know when the customer is close to making a decision. That is also why I need to know every time they open it up, and I am asking for the special set up again. Thanks again for making a great software.



I'm in love with this software - it's extremely high quality. Using it for a client proposal; it's great to be able to white label it w/ the iFrame.



Great tool. We love it. We'll use to share our pitch to different investors and interested people.




Unlimited Plan


All features included

No limit for files downloads/views

No limit for files count


HelpRange is GDPR-compliant

HelpRange is GDPR-compliant, allowing users to request file retrievals, manage storage dates, request destruction, run reports, and see a full audit trail of any physical activity with their documents.


Security and Privacy as Top Priority

We take security and privacy of your data as our top priority. HelpRange server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt your data.